We are a production team that creates music and collaborates with vocal artists. Founded by musician Garrett Wolfston and Ray Daniels, W Studios gives artists both an outlet for their creativity and the support they need to release great music. W Studios understands the collaborative atmosphere required to create music, which is why we strive to incorporate the artist's vision into the music we make. W Studios also helps each artist build his or her career. We focus on how to market and advertise the songs we produce with our artists, and how to grow their career and fan base. 

Along with working directly with artists W Studios offers beats for sale. We sell beats in different genres focusing on hip hop and R&B but also stretching to ballads, EDM, funk, and house music. 

W Studios is located in downtown Los Angeles giving us access to one of the largest music markets in the world. Los Angeles is home to elite sound engineers, producers and artists, and provides unparalleled connections into the music industry. 

If you are interested in working with us click on the contact tab. To listen to our new beats visit our shop page. We look forward to doing business with you.